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At Splish Splash Auto and Pet Wash, you will always find a good deal! Check out our specials and promotions below.



Load the card with any amount and receive an additional bonus of 10%. Over time this amounts to a FREE wash. Registered cards benefit from loss protection as remaining funds can easily be transferred to a new card. WashCards can now be used to pay for Details, buy water, buy ice, and for use in two Pet Wash stations. During the summer WashCards can also be used at Two Scoops Ice Cream shack located in the parking lot. Two Scoops sells a variety of Foothills Creamery Ice Cream treats.


Fundraising Promo

Splish Splash Auto and Pet Wash appreciates a good cause. We sell WashCards with a $25 value to your charity at a reduced price of $10 each. You then sell the WashCards at $20. That’s a $10 profit!

When hosting a Car Wash Event you will receive 40% of the car wash proceeds – so invite as many people as possible! More Washes = More Profit. Our large parking lot provides great space for a BBQ, Bouncy Castle, and other fun activities!

**NBCHS Functionally Integrated Program (FIP) looks after our Bottle & Can Recycle Program. 50% of proceeds go to FIP and 50% is split between those who host a Car Wash Event.


First Responders Premium


Are you a First Responder? If so, then Splish Splash Auto and Pet Wash offers a premium bonus for you! Splish Splash Auto and Pet Wash appreciates your service and wants to give back.
When you purchase or reload your WashCard, you will receive the regular 10% extra value. Then when you use your WashCard in the bay, you will get an extra 15% Premium Bonus. This means you get a 25% discount!

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