Auto & Pet Wash, Detailing Services in North Battleford, SK

Splish Splash Auto & Pet Wash is not your father’s car wash. We provide environmentally-friendly car and pet washes, detailing packages, four water refill stations, and vending machine wash products. And to top it all off, we offer delicious ice cream from Foothills Creamery.

Splish Splash Auto & Pet Wash is environmentally-friendly. We use sophisticated technology and specially designed equipment to conserve water. Used car and pet wash water is channeled through sanitation sewers to water treatment plants, and never into storm sewers where it ends up polluting our environment.

Car Wash

Car wash stall

Keeping your car clean will extend the life of its paint and other components. All vehicles, regardless of the finish require frequent washing throughout the year. Just as a good mechanical maintenance program prolongs the life and performance of your vehicle, frequent washing will prolong the life and gloss of your vehicle’s exterior and interior finishes.

Splish Splash Auto & Pet Wash offers various Full Service Wash and Vac Packages. These include:

  • Supreme Wand Wash – Includes Deluxe Wand Wash
  • Deluxe Wand Wash – Includes Basic Wand Wash
  • Basic Wand Wash

See more about our packages here!


The car wash equipment & tools

Don’t neglect your vehicle’s interior. Splish Splash Auto & Pet Wash offers several different Detail Packages to keep your car in tip-top condition. We also offer transportation! These include:

  • Express Interior & Exterior Clean – Includes Supreme Wand Wash
  • Supreme Interior & Exterior Clean – Includes Express Interior & Exterior Clean
  • Express Interior & Detail Clean – Includes Supreme Interior & Exterior Clean
  • Supreme Interior Detail – Includes Express Interior & Detail Clean
  • Ultimate Interior Detail – Includes Supreme Interior Detail

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Fleet Wash Plan

Washing Plan for Multiple Vehicles

Perfect for companies/families with multiple vehicles. Each card can be programmed to an individual person, vehicle, or department. Lost or stolen cards can be deactivated and new cards issued.

Complete Business Management

Post Pay Option (Monthly Billing): for commercial accounts includes detailed invoices with the card holders name, date, and time of each wash.

Flexibility: Program cards for unlimited use, set spending limits, or limit their use by time/day/week

Management Capabilities: View your WashCard® usage online with detailed reports itemizing your monthly billing. Transaction reports contain valuable wash information that lists:

  • The time and date of each wash
  • The identity of the user
  • The total dollar amount used

Pet Wash

Dog wash station

A clean pet is a happier pet. Splish Splash Auto and Pet Wash provides a clean tub for washing your pet, along with the following:

  • Shampoo
  • Flea shampoo
  • Rinse
  • Conditioner
  • Low or high blow dry

Now there’s no need to bend over to wash your pet or clean up after a wash. We disinfect the tub after every use.

Vending Machine Products

Vending Machine

Splish Splash Auto and Pet Wash has a vending machine full of car care products located near the entrance of the main car wash area. These products include:

  • Towels and shammies
  • Glass, leather, bug & tar, and rim cleaners
  • Car fresheners
  • And more!

Water Machine

PureAqua Machines

Don’t trust the integrity of your home’s water? For your convenience, Splish Splash has four self serve PUREAQUA Water Bottle Refill Stations! You can get clean, pure water straight from the water dispenser to your glass or container. With the lowest price in town, and convenient parking, refilling your water jugs is quick and inexpensive. Staff are also on hand to help carry jugs for those in need.

Ice Machine

Ice cool water

Splish Splash offers ice services to help you stay cool. With convenient parking, we can provide you with 5 or 10 pound bags of ice, fill your cooler or supply ice to your party or event. Our ice machine can also fill water jugs with RO water.

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