Partnering with your local professional car wash gives your organization the opportunity to raise those much needed funds while protecting our environment!

Fun Fund


How it works: Quite simply, you sell the pre-paid WashCard and we provide the wash!

•    We provide your organization with Splish Splash Auto, RV and Pet Wash pre-paid washcards to sell. The WashCards® have $25 of value already stored on them. What's more, the cards can be re-used and recharged by the customer for continued use and savings in the future.

•    We sell the pre-paid washcards to your organization at a reduced price of $10.00 each.

•    You sell them to your friends and family for $20.00 and for every card you sell you keep $20.00 of all money collected. That's $10.00 PROFIT for your organization for each card sold!

•    Additionally, your contributors receive all the benefits of having a Splish Splash Auto, RV and Pet Wash Washcard such as extra free value added for every recharge of the card. They can also register the card online and receive free loss protection and monthly special offers.

•    PLUS every time they recharge the card we will donate back to the charity 5%.
Benefits to your organization:

•    We can help you make more money!

•    Your organization doesn't have to get dirty!

•    No more Saturdays to give up for a car wash!

•    We eliminate any potential liability for damage or injury.

•    You will be offering a quality product and give your contributors something of real value.

•    No order taking.

•    No call backs to deliver merchandise.

•    We are better for the environment!

•    We conserve water!

Environmentally Friendly

Holding a car wash is a popular way to raise funds for various organizations but all too often, while they help the organization, such car washes hurt the environment. By planning your car wash fundraiser with Splish Splash Auto, Rv, & Pet Wash, it can be fun and profitable for your organization, as well as respectful of our local water resources.

Professionally operated car washes like Splish Splash Auto, RV and Pet Wash use sophisticated technology and specially designed equipment to conserve water while still supplying a superior wash! In fact, a professional car wash uses substantially less water than washing a car (whether at home or a fundraiser) with a conventional hose and bucket.

Unlike the sanitary sewer system, water that runs into the storm drain from parking lot car washes goes directly into lakes, streams, and wetlands with little or no treatment. Dirt, grime, oil, soap and other car wash residuals are harmful to fish, wildlife, and plants that grow in and around waterways. Even biodegradable soap causes trouble because when it enters a waterway and begins to degrade, it uses up oxygen needed by fish, plants and other marine life. Professionally operated carwashes are more environmentally friendly than non-professional washes. Our car washes have special wash racks that empty into the wastewater collection system. This allows the water runoff to be treated at a wastewater treatment plant before being released back into the environment.

We would be happy to discuss fundraising with you further.

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